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Religion or belief

The Equality Act outlaws direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the basis of religion or belief.

General guidance is available on the implications within the workplace of this legislation and what to look out for in your organisation's policies and practices - see the downloadable resources below.

Your views needed: Religion or belief in the workplace and service delivery

Has your religion or belief, or that of other people, affected your experiences in the workplace or the services and you receive as part of your daily life? Or perhaps they impact on you as an employer  or manager? if so, NatCen Social Research want to hear from you, whether your experiences are good or bad .

NatCen Social Research is an independent social research agency  commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to gather as much information as they can from  employees, service users, employers, service providers, trade unions, legal advisers and religion or belief groups so that  they can assess how a person's religion or belief, or lack of it, is taken into account  at work and when using services.

This major call for evidence is part of the EHRC's  three  year programme to strengthen understanding of religion or belief in public life, to improve knowledge of what happens in practice and to make sure that the laws which are in place to protect everyone's right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect are effective. Your views are important for making this possible.

To find out more about this research visit the NatCenSocial Research website  and the deadline for participation is midday on Tuesday, 14 October 2014.


Responsibility for overseeing the legislation on religion or belief lies with the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Visit Interfaith Calendar for information on the sacred times and festivals for world religions to prepare for negotiations with your employer on avoiding discrimination based on religion or belief. There are also links on this site to other key dates.


Equality Briefings, Resources and Digests

Equality Briefings provide advice and guidance on a range of equalities issues and a Briefing has been produced with links to Prospect's resources for equality, including our guides, posters and leaflets etc. Equality Digests alert representatives and members of equality networks to recent circulars, newsletters, email alerts, events etc. If the latest Digest is not highlighted in the downloadable resources underneath, click on the link below

Equality Briefings

Resources for Equality

Equality Digests

Downloadable resources

Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 22 August 2014
22 August 2014
Covering: Summer of Prides; Pride in London open meeting; data on marriages of same-sex couples; times are better for transgender people; Pride: a must see film; sexual & gender minorities stressors & mental health; LGBT Ugandans celebrate Gay pride; Justice for Michael Brown; government guidance employment for young disabled people; disabled facilities at UK tourism venues; women bosses earn 35% less than male colleagues; 5 ways to end gender pay gap; low paid women shut out of recovery; violence against women & girls newsletter; how the workplace can be lifeline for abused women; SERTUC women's rights cttee; commission calls for evidence on religion or belief issues; EHRC's strategic plan; racial equality strategy Northern Ireland; welfare reforms spectacularly fail the PM's new family test; bursaries - TUC educational trust; positive business attitudes to support falling youth unemployment; Scottish government pushes for new equality powers; Britain needs a pay rise. Plus snippets.
Equality briefing: Equality digest: week ending 11 July 2014
11 July 2014
Covering: Summer of Prides; Review of survivor benefits in pension schemes and TUC campaign; Denmark becomes the first European country to allow legal change of gender without clinical diagnosis; Just Fair report on ‘the rights of disabled people in the austerity era’; A milestone month for organisational pledges; Race & Class, July 2014; Black justice campaigns prepare for new inquiry into undercover policing; European Network Against Racism: Joint statement for a strong Intergroup on anti-racism in the European Parliament; Policy priorities and recommendations on racial equality in Northern Ireland; Extension of the right to request flexible working; The UK’s flexible future: A road to engagement and productivity; Generation generosity: Working grandparents face growing childcare pressure; Women in Engineering/STEM - are you in or out?; Tell MAMA: the state of anti-Muslim hate crime in England and Wales; National consultation by the Commission for Religion and Belief in the UK...
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 1 November 2013
01 November 2013
Covering: Equal Pay Day next Thursday 7 November; Global Gender Gap; Disability History Month: 22 November-22 December; EHRC questionnaire on the UN Disability Convention; Disability Hate Crime Network; Older parents have childcare commitments too; IEDP free seminar on religion and belief equality – 28 November 2013; Survey of New Mums; Girlguiding: ‘The Care vs Control report’; Three times more young women are doing low-paid jobs than 20 years ago; Public sector ‘outwits’ FTSE 100 on boardroom equality; Immigration Bill: proposals for further reforms; Show Racism the Red Card and Unionlearn sign joint-working agreement to combat racism through education; The gay cures hotel?; New guidance for LGBT people wanting to be parents; New guidelines for gender dysphoric patients; Rainbow International LGBT Activist Solidarity Fund. Plus snippets
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 5 July 2013
05 July 2013
Equality Digest covering: select committee enquiry into women in STEM careers; news from WISE; gender inequality in single tier pension plans; chancellors spending review holds little hope for women; TUC disabled workers' conference; benefit rights lost in translation; solidarity and Social Security cuts; the welfare; trade union trans network; EHRC equality guidance for schools; EHRC in Scotland report; marriage & civil partnership (Scotland) Bill; EU guidelines on protection of LGBTI persons; EU guidelines on freedom of religion or belief; and racism this generation; age immaterial campaign. Plus snippets
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 31 May 2013
31 May 2013
Equality Digest covering: EDL demos; UAF actions; killer blows to justice; new guidance launched to help employers support staff experiencing domestic abuse; EHRC intervenes in post-employment victimisation case; EU LGBT survey results; ILGA report on "state-sponsored homophobia"; TGEU launch "trans rights Europe map"; BIHR guidance on "mental health advocacy and human rights"; EHRC publishes new framework agreement with government; what does the census tell us about religion in 2011? Launch of the national equality standard; Anxiety UK welcomes fitness for work tests landmark judgement. Plus snippets.
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 22 March 2013
22 March 2013
Equality Digest covering: UK women worse off than in other developed countries; new mothers frequently refused flexible working conditions, 1 in 7 women on maternity leave lose their jobs, updated violence against women & girls action pla, WHEC briefing, end stigma around mental health, negotiator's guide on disability equality, the mental health (discrimination) Act, EHRC intervenes in Judicial Review of abolition of Independent Living Fund, There is Hope, ministerial statement on caste discrimination, NI new microsite for LGB community, Call for evidence: end of life experences and care needs of older LGBT people, 1 LGBT Brazilian murdered every 26 hours in 2012, inequalities & multiple discrimination in access to healthcare, UNHRC report on freedom of religion or belief. Plus snippets.
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 15 March 2013
15 March 2013
Equality Digest for week ending 15 March covering: increase in parental leave; Meg Munn MP makes international women's day speech at Eleanor McDonald Lecture; latest UK statistics released on women's participation in STEM; one in seven women are made redundant after maternity leave; Missed Out campaign success; new Government-backed higher apprenticeship in engineering environmental technologies; 14-17 march The Big Bang fair; lesbian, bisexual and trans women gave speeches in Turkish parliament; managing religion or belief in the workplace; EHRC briefs MPs on Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill; do you or could you work with transgender people; JfGA says The Charter of the Commonwealth is silent on sexuality. Plus Snippets.
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 5 October 2012
05 October 2012
Equality Digest for week ending 5 October covering: October is Black History Month; Runnymede Trust workshop; employers' wage subsidy; promoting equality and human rights in Wales; fulfilling potential; silence is not golden; what do single parents want from work; LGBTQ community activists agree new principals for London Pride 2013; homophobia, let's tackle it; TUC LGBT conference; Maria Miller backs Out4Marriage campaign; victory in California; EHRC plans religion or belief seminars; government guidance on age discrimination. Plus snippets.
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 31 August 2012
30 August 2012
Equality Digest for week ending 31 August covering: LGBT fringe at TUC Congress; GEO "Changing Attitudes to Equality"; EHRC report "religion or belief, equality and human rights in England & Wales; Home Office violence against women and girls newsletter; food for thought "the business case for gender diversity". Snippets: BFI celebrates 50 years of Trinidad and Tobago's independence; Grace Darling Theatre tour.
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 7 October 2011
07 October 2011
Equality Digest for week ending 7 October 2011 covering: October is Black History Month; Lime magazine October 2011; Claudia Jones Memorial lecture 2011; Race for Opportunity; update on EHRC intervention in religion/belief cases at ECtHR; barriers to employers in developing LGBT friendly workplaces; North West TUC LGBT network event "cuts & the LGBT community"; "Diversity in the Workplace".
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 19 August 2011
19 August 2011
Equality Digest for week ending 19 August covering: stopping EDL in Tower Hamlets; ending racism in a generation?; strengthening disabled people's user-led organisations programme; sex and power, 5400 women missing from top jobs; UKRC at the British Science Festival; update on EHRC intervention in religion/belief cases at ECtHR; LGBT Excellence Centre Wales.
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 22 July 2011
22 July 2011
Equality Digest for week ending 22 July 2011 covering: public sector equality duties; National demonstration against the EDL; mental health; EHRC intervention on religion or belief cases; report on homophobia and transphobia in EU member states; UN Human Rights Council resolution on LGBTI rights; UN women; The Art of Change exhibition
Equality briefing: Equality Digest: week ending 15 July 2011
14 July 2011
Equality Digest: week ending 15 July 2011 covering: Women in Science, Engineering and Technology; disabled people and the minimum wage; Sayce review of employment services to disabled people; Disability Alliance legal challenge over welfare cuts; EHRC intervention on religion or belief cases; religious discrimination in Britain; Race to Progress Breaking Down Barriers; STUC black workers' network meeting; RSS health and safety briefing.
Circular: Standard: EHRC interventions on religion or belief cases
14 July 2011
The EHRC has applied to intervene in four cases at the European Court of human rights, dealing with the issues of religion or belief.
Circular: Standard: EHRC Workplace Report
13 November 2009
The Equality & Human Rights Commission has recently published a report entitled "Integration in the workplace: emerging employment practice on age, sexual orientation and religion or belief".