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Campaigning for work-life balance

We want all members to have the opportunity to develop and achieve in their working lives whilst successfully balancing home and work, and we have made formal submissions to the government setting out our policies on work and parents.

We have identified the following three priorities:

  • Enhanced maternity leave and paternity/maternity support leave with pay, enabling parents to spend valuable time with their baby. This would benefit the health and well-being of parents as well as their babies

  • Rights for both parents and carers to work reduced or flexible hours, encouraging a balance between home and work responsibilities. This should be a statutory right, since it has been shown that voluntary practices do not work.

  • Paid parental leave and its flexible implementation, also allowing parents to balance home and work responsibilities.

Prospect has produced guidance  for negotiators and representatives  on the alternative working patterns available  which contribute to good worklife balance policies, including  good practice  checklists and examples of where  the policies work well.

We have also produced guidance on the extension of the right to request flexible working to all employees.  All employees now  have the right to request flexible working  -  whether this is a change in working hours, working patterns or their work location -  for any reason at all, not just caring responsibilities.

Prospect has produced guidance on childcare vouchers and salary sacrifice schemes - see the resources below. 

Advice is available on negotiating good quality childcare at your workplace, members and reps should log-in to download a copy.


Equality Briefings, Resources and Digests

Equality Briefings provide advice and guidance on a range of equalities issues and a Briefing has been produced with links to Prospect's resources for equality, including our guides, posters and leaflets etc. Equality Digests alert representatives and members of equality networks to recent circulars, newsletters, email alerts, events etc. If the latest Digest is not highlighted in the downloadable resources underneath, click on the link below

Equality Briefings

Resources for Equality

Equality Digests

Downloadable resources (listed by document type)

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News story: Women in science survey
08 March 2012
Women in science: How is it for you?
News story: Ministers must listen on childcare ratios
22 March 2013
Prospect says ministers must listen on childcare ratios
News story: Prospect seeks views on parental leave proposals
18 April 2013
Prospect seeks views on government's parental leave proposals
News story: BT makes up missing maternity pension contributions
29 April 2013
BT members get maternity pension contributions
News release: Ministers must listen on nursery ratios
22 March 2013
Union says ministers must listen on nursery ratios
Employee handbook: Employee Welcome Pack
23 December 2013
Employee Welcome Pack - Reissued 15 July 2013
Submission: Sickness absence review 2011 - Prospect submission
15 July 2011
Prospect submission to independent review of sickness absence Chaired by Dame Carol Black and David Frost with support of DWP and Cabinet Office
Submission: Women in STEM: Are you in or out?
28 January 2015
This is the report written on the findings of the "Women in STEM: Are you in or out?" This survey was completed by over 5000 respondents with a STEM related qualification. The survey ran between May and September 2014 as collaboration between Prospect, Women in Manufacturing, TRS and the Woman’s Engineering Society.
Factcard: Legal rights
30 April 2013
Updated factcard outlining your legal rights at work. Updated February 2015.
Members' guide: 13 Maternity rights
30 October 2009
Your rights to maternity leave and pay updated in September 2009
Members' guide: 12 Parental and family leave
21 January 2009
This booklet - updated in January 2009 - explains everyone's rights under the Maternity and Parental Leave regulations and the Paternity and Adoptive Leave regulations. It also indicates how your employer can improve upon the minimum provisions. It complements our Members' Guide 13 to Maternity Rights, which sets out entitlement to maternity pay and leave. IMPORTANT NOTE - Enitlement to parental leave increased from 13 to 18 weeks from 8 MARCH 2013
Members' guide: 16 Part-time and flexible working
07 June 2010
How flexible and reduced patterns of work can help you balance your working life with your personal life
Local newsletter: Branch News
20 August 2014
Newsletter for August which contains articles about personal contracts; the new 'on the road' Branch Executive Committee meetings; parental leave and flexible working rights; member join member scheme, and which provides a list of RWE/Prospect officers and local reps.
Report magazine: Report, February 2004
01 February 2004
Contents include: learning power in Prospect - courses can come to you; youth network celebrates a first.
Report magazine: July 2006
01 July 2006
Contents include: equal pay (post-Cadman); 2006 winners of Prospect's organising awards; landmark TUPE ruling; TUC disability conference.
Report magazine: August 2006
01 August 2006
Contents include: mobility obligation - do staff have to relocate? new mothers to get maternity leave boost; drive to update members' email addresses as electronic systems project gets under way.
Report magazine: Report, March 2010
12 March 2010
Contents include: organising awards 2010, civil service compensation scheme (page 1); learning roadshows; learning-at-work week; ULR funding boost (page 2); NEC report, members’ survey, challenges for BT staff (page 3); International Women’s Day event, paternity rights, equality reps (page 4); asbestos; UK global safety ranking, blacklisting, safer workplaces (page 5); making sense of new fit notes (pages 6-7); equality ruling on agency workers (page 8); Climate Solidarity campaign (page 9); holding virtual meetings (page 10); new ONS mortgage inflation measure; pay settlements (page 11); interview: migrant workers in Connect sector (page 12)
Equality briefing: Childcare update
11 April 2005
This contains brief updates on a number of issues: childcare vouchers; childcare in the home; and the civil service childcare toolkit (Amended May 2005 to make it clear that the Childcare Approval Scheme only applies in England.)
Equality briefing: Childcare vouchers and salary sacrifice schemes
01 April 2005
Childcare vouchers are often offered as part of a salary sacrifice scheme, which means that employees agree to exchange part of their salary for the equivalent in vouchers. Originally issued in June 2004, this briefing was updated in April 2005. This reflects a change to the scheme which makes childcare vouchers up to the value of £50 per week free from tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs).
Equality briefing: Changes to Maternity and Adoption Leave
15 October 2008
Legislative changes wef 5 October 2008
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