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Prospect's headquarters is in London SE1, near Waterloo station. We also have offices in:

Members' enquiries

Members working in the communications, media and digital industries should contact the Wimbledon Helpdesk in the first instance on 020 8971 6060 or

Members in other industries: please speak to your local rep or branch secretary in the first instance. There is a list of your local reps on the 'your union contacts' page (logged-in users only).

General enquiries


Our main telephone switchboard number is 020 7902 6600.


If you know the individual person you want to contact at Prospect, our e-mail addresses follow the format

If you don't know the name of the person but your query is about one of the following matters please use the specified email address:

If none of the above is relevant you can contact This is a referral centre for general enquiries and it can take some time for your message to be passed onto the appropriate department.